Monday, October 16, 2006

Contemporary Values

Please respond on one of the following:

1. Do you see evidence of the world views of the Puritans and Rationalists around you today? Think especially of debates about government, social welfare, and self improvement. Write down a few of your observations about Puritanism and Raitonalism in Americsn public life today. Give examples.

2. Consider the Purtian values in light of what you see often as the materilaistc, celebrity-crazed culture of America.

How many Purtian beliefs are still valued in America? Do Americans admire self-made people people who have built careers through hard work or do they consider get-rich-quick schemes a better route to security? Is modesty still a virtue, or has self promotion knocked it off its pedastal? Be sure to back up opinions with logical arguments.

Franklin Virtues and Rationalist Point of Views

Everyone must answer these questions:

What is your favorite Franklin quotation from his Autobiography? (Please cite the quotation in the text and comment on it).

What character traits did Franklin possess that made him a successful man? Make sure to elaborate.

Which virtue on Franklin's list do you think is most important? Why?