Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Revenge and False Accusations

Consider the following:

Have you ever been falsely accused of anything? What are the reasons people seek revenge upon others? Have you ever admitted to something you didn't do for the good of the whole? Have you ever admitted to something to save someone else? Would you? Have you ever lied to protect yourself? Why? Were there any repercussions to your lies?

Answer some of these prompts with thoughtful reflection. Remember, two sentences does not equal a response.


Blogger Eddie W. said...

Yes I have been falsely accused of something. Being the youngest of the siblings, it comes with the job. If my sister does something that she knows will get her in trouble, she will do it anyway hoping she will not get caught. But when she does, she either blames the whole thing on me or convinces my parents that i told her to do it. Even with cousins. Since I have an enormous family, I get blamed as well as blame others. I'm not going to get in trouble. I usually blame my little cousins because they do not get harsh punishments because they are only three. So it is an easy way to not get in trouble. Besides, they won't remember it when they grow up. I actually have lied to protect myself as well as people close to me. Sometimes one just has to lie for the greater good because one little lie can change the outcome dramatically and could screw up everything.

2:32 PM  
Blogger tylee r. said...

Yes, i have been falsely accused of a lot of things. People seek revenge on others because life is supposed to be fair and if something bad happens to you it has to happen back to that person. Plus people like to create drama and stir things up. Yes i have admitted to something i haven't done, but it was for a good cause. Taking cover for someone is a situation i would definitely do. I have lied to protect myself, mainly because the consequence was too much for me at that time. Usually when you lie you get caught, so either that happend or i just had a very guilty cautious.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Jenn R said...

I have been falsely accused of many things in my life, some more important than others. People seek revenge on other people sometimes because something may have happened to them, and they feel it was unfair. In their eyes the only logical thing to do is to get back at the person that got them in trouble so that what goes around comes around. And although I believe in karma, I think that sometimes it is used as an excuse for seeking revenge. Yes, I have admitted to something I did not do, either to protect some one I care about or to make a situation less stressful. Sometimes a white lie can really help a situation. I have also lied to protect myself because I did not want to get in trouble, but, like Tylee, I usually either get caught or feel really guilty.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Sarah E. said...

Of course I have been falsely accused before, we dont live in a perfect world. Everyone has the experiance of being falsely accused, sometimes worse than other times. People seek revenge because they have been wronged or they want to point the blame somewhere other then themselves. I have admitted to doing something I havent done before because it saved someone else and sometimes you need to take one for the team. Why...because it was the right thing to do. It sounds dumb now but you can only understand if and when you are in that experiance. Have I lied to protect myself. When I was younger, yes. When you break something and mom comes home and she gets mad, I think any kid would lie. But now that I'm older I try not to lie at all. Because now that I have grown up the same thing seems to happen to my lies. Once you start telling one lie it leads to another and I dont want that in my life. It holds you down.That's not something I need.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Kari T said...

Yes I have been falsely accused of something. I am also the youngest and it does in fact come with the job. I have also accused someone else of something that wasn't their fault and with that comes guilt, well at least for me it does. Yes I have lied to save myself or someone else. In some cases I didn't necessarily lie I just didn't tell the whole truth. I did it because at the time if I had told the whole truth, it would have gotten us in trouble. I did confess to my parents but not to my friends' since she has a harsher way of dealing with things. I believe that there are always repercussions to lies, no matter how small they are, and yes there were repercussions to my lies. I also have a hard time lying to my parents when I am lying about something that is a bigger deal.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Milenda N. said...

I have to agree with eddie because I am also the youngest of the siblings and I get falsely accused of alot of things. One of them was when my sister lost her four hundred dollar bill, and yes she blamed it on me. She started yelling at me and was so mad because she thinks I did it. It really sucks, because I didn't do it. Being falsely accused is not a good feeling at all. The next day my sister found her money in her jean pocket and felt so guilty. She apologize for accusing me and yelling, and I told her next time don't accuse someone if your not one hundred percent sure that it's them. I think mainly the reason why people seek revenge upon others is when someone did something bad to them. Honestly, if someone would do something really bad to me, I would probably seek revenge as well. I truly believe in that saying, that if someone do something bad to you,you can get them back ten times worse. It depends if I have to admitt to something to save someone else for the good of it then I will. But if I have to admitt to something for the bad of it then I wont.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Nikki B. said...

I have been wrongly accused before, but it wasn't for anything major. I haven't taken the blame for anyone, but I would do it for a friend. People like to take revenge on others because usually they have been wronged and want to take it out on someone who they feel deserves it. Also, people are attracted to drama. I have told lies before, but i don't know anyone how hasn't. White lies can be the for best for some situations, but it's not good to lie constantly, because then you have to keep track of everything you say and it takes a lot of time and energy.

5:10 PM  
Blogger kellyw said...

I once was falsely accused of cheating and it was terrifying. It was right after a quiz and the teacher thought I was cheating. She talked to me and told me how she was going to tell administrators and it would go on my record. I was so scared because I didn’t cheat. But luckily she believed me and nothing after that happened. Also, I think I would admit to something to save someone else like my friend or family, because I know they would do the same for me. One more thing, I think people seek revenge to get back at others and to make themselves feel better.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Kristie W said...

The reasons some people seek revenge upon others is to make things fair or to get even with the other person. I have admitted to do something I didn't do for the good of the whole because if no one admits, then there can be no progress. Also, if no one takes the blame then people start pointing fingers or find someone the blame and things start getting ugly. So to prevent that its sometimes good just to take responsiblity for something you didn't do. Likewise, admitting something to save someone else is good because that person could have been in a bad and even worse situtation than you would be by taking the blame. So I would take the blame for someone if the situtation presented itself. Futhermore, I believe that almost everyone has lied to protect themselves, I know I have. Some people lie to protect themselves from the consequences the would have to endure. But the repercussions of lies can cause more dange than telling the truth ever could.

5:56 PM  
Blogger DerrikO said...

Yes i have been falsely accused of something, but who hasn't, everyone makes mistakes. People seek revenge mostly because they were probably embarassed, so they want to make that person(s)feel the same way. It makes them feel better about themselves. Yes i have taken the blame just for the good of the whole. Sometimes it is easier to do that then listen to people trying to get the truth out. Ya i have deffinately taken the blame for someone else so they didnt get in trouble, cause their my friends and i don't like it when they get in trouble. Ya i have deffinately lied to protect myself, but everyone has, no one likes getting in trouble.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Sam Tidwell said...

I can’t recall any certain time that I have been personally accused of something I did not do. People seek revenge on each other either for that chance or feeling of being better than them. Revenge can be put into the category of competition. It is a way of showing who is better, or whoever gets the last word. If I have ever admitted to something I did not do for the good of the whole, it would have been something small. To me going back on something you believe, like saying you’re a witch when you strongly are against it, is showing that you don’t have the courage to stand for it. If I was put up on a stand accused of being a witch, I would not say yes. I would go with the punishment that would be forced upon me knowing that I would die having a clear conscience. I haven’t admitted something to save someone, but I have lied to save someone, the reason being that I wanted to protect their feelings because I hurt them many times before. Yes, I have lied to protect myself, but it was never against my beliefs and was never a life or death situation. I have lied to protect myself because I am sometimes afraid of what people would think of me. The repercussions were the truth, instead of a punishment the truth revealed itself and I had to be embarrassed for my lie/lies because people found out that I was not telling the truth.

6:08 PM  
Blogger emilied said...

People seek revenge because they get jealous or angry of others actions. One timemy mom thought my brothers or I broke a window. I didn't do it but I said I did because my brother's threatened to beat me up if I didn't. I would saw it's ok to lie if it prevents someone from getting hurt. The repercussions would be the trth "spreading".

6:18 PM  
Blogger Charlie H said...

I have been falsely accused of something and I'm still accused of it today. I have no idea how it happened, but I didn't do it. The only reason people accuse me is because it has my name on it. My name is engraved on the dugout fence of the baseball field. I think the reason people accuse me of this is one; that I am the only kid named Charlie in the whole baseball program and the other is to just give me a hard time. I still haven't given in and said that I did it, I'm sure I have for other things but not this, because I have no idea how it got there because I didn't do it.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Lance S said...

Yes I too, like most other people, have been falsely accused of something. It wasnt really someone who did it pinning on my but someone that did something that another person thought was me who did it. But I think others blame others because they don't want to get in trouble. I have lied to protect myself a couple of times. But even when I do I don't blame it on another person. I think that people lie to protect themselves and try not to get into a deep situation that something dramatic may occur. Nobody wants a dramatic lifestyle so they lie to make it not so. Everyone wants to live a happy life.

7:04 PM  
Blogger mike w said...

I have been falsely accused of things mainly because my sister was always the good one so now if she does something bad i get blamed for it. I think people want to get revenge on others because when we get hurt we tend to forget about what is right and wrong. I have admitted to doing something i didnt do to help friends and family. Also i have lied and i try not do do it now but it still happens. I usally do get in trouble for lying but only if i get caught.

8:20 PM  
Blogger jaimeL said...

Throughout my life I have come across times where I was blamed for things I didn't do. It just depends on how you react to it. If you really know you didn't do anything, you shouldn't have to be punished. However I have taken the blame for someone else before, too. Unfortunately, a lot of the blame that was meant for the other person now is on you. Thats why it's hard to admit to things, or to take the blame. I think people seek revenge on others because they were embarassed by something or someone, and they want to boost their self esteem by returning it back to the person, or even a completely different person.

8:34 PM  
Blogger kelcey ryan said...

Yes, i have been falsely accused of something more than once in my life. When i was little, my sisters would blame me for things that they did, such as breaking a glass or coloring on the wall. Now, the accusations are more along the lines of, "You snuck out last night!" or, "You lied to me." I have taken blame in order to keep everyone from getting punished for something that the whole group of people did. In elementary school our whole class got in an eraser throwing fight. The teachers wouldn't let anyone go out to recess until someone confessed to starting it. My friend and I knew that no one wanted to get a warning and that our parents would be slightly understanding so we took the fall for the whole class.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Kara B said...

Yes I have been falsley accused of something, alot of things, just little things that happen around the house that my brother did that I will get blamed for. I think people seek revenge or blame other people to cover themselves, its not usually something that someone does because they do not like someone, they are just helping themselves. I have covered for my little brother many of times because I do not want him to get in trouble. Yes I have lied to get out of something or blame it on someone else because I thought that i was going to get a really bad punishment if my parents found out. Which they usually do find out and I get in even more trouble because I lied about it.

12:55 AM  
Blogger James E said...

Everyone has been wrongly accused of something. People seek revenge on each other depending on how there childhood went. How people were treated when they were
younger. I have taken the fall for many people for small things that would help them out. It is not benificial for me but helps out the people most important to me. Everyone has lied before in their life. It is human nature to get yourself out of trouble with any means necessary. Of course i got in trouble, which did not feel so good. The punishment seems to be worse with lying than any other bad things. It makes me think, was it worth it?

10:04 AM  
Blogger Kat L said...

I have been falsely accused of something that I didn't do. I believe people seek revenge on others because they are to ashamed of what they have done and don't want to take the consiquences of their own actions. I have admitted to something that I have not done but I also have blamed my brothers for stuff that I have done. I believe that everybody passes the blame to someone else at least once in there life. It is a part of life and people can't help it. There were no repercussions to my lie. But it was over something very stupid. If it had been over something a lot more serious than repercussions can seriously make things even worse.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Kat L said...

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4:22 PM  
Blogger Nick P said...

Yes I have been falsely accused, but who hasn't. At one ponit in everyone's life they get accused of something and have to fend for themselves. People seek revenge because they feel hurt or betrayed by someone, and whether they were hurt purposefully or accidentally by someone, they feel the need to make the other person hurt just as much. In a few cases i have admited to something for the good of the whole and/or a friend because it is better that just I get in trouble than everyone. I have absolutely lied to protect myself, and someone is lying if they try to say that they haven't. People lie to protect themselves when they feel that the consequences they face are very bad. Lying to protect yourself could, if you fail to lie well, make the situation worse.

6:35 PM  
Blogger katherine i said...

Yes I have been falsely accused of many things. One time my friend accused me of stealing her wallet. She thought this for about a month until someone brought it into the office and she got called down to go get it. I was sad. She thought she left it at my house but after all she had left in the girls locker room. I think people seek revenge upon others because it’s so easy to put the blame on other people. One time my 20 year old brother stole my dads cigar that was from Mexico. But of coarse my dad said we couldn’t go out to dinner that night he found out it was missing until someone admitted it. I knew it was him but I wanted dinner. So I said it was me. I’ve lied for a friend to their parents so they wouldn’t get in trouble and I’ve also lied to my parents so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

7:35 PM  
Blogger AndrewH said...

I have been fasely accused of things. But who hasn't. Just the other day I get home from school and a cop shows up at my door. He says that a lady called me in for aggressive drving and road rage. I didn't nothing of the sort, but what can I do. Teens have no power in a situation like that. Things like that happen a lot but that is because of teen stereotypes. All teens seem to have problems avoiding trouble like that. When it comes to lying for a friend or myself, I would do that without a regret in my mind. As opposed to murder or something like that, no I wouldn't lie about something like that. But if he/she ditched a class and I was there, I would lie for them and say they were there.
Or I would lie to get out of something, no problem. It's bad but I have to sometimes.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Kyle B. said...

First of all, I would like to say that I am extremely sorry about posting so long after you posted this blog. I forgot what the assignment was and I am, again, very sorry.

I have indeed been falsely accused of something. I usually get away with various activities that my parents would not approve of, but what really makes me mad is when they hear or suspect something that they then accuse me of. I don't smoke at all, but when my parents came home on night, they thought they smelled cigarette smoke and thus started yelling at me for smoking when I had only burned a bag of popcorn. I think that people seek revenge on one falsely accuse another because they are trying to find a way to even the balance or to try to get dirt on someone who seems so perfect. I have never admitted to something I didn't do. It isn't for selfishness that I haven't done such a great thing; I just hang out with people who fix their own problems. However, if such a circumstance did come up, I believe that I would indeed lie to save someone else. I rarely lie in the first place, and it is an even rarer occasion that I have would need to lie to cover something up. I am hardly ever charged with repercussions because I make it a point to punish myself. I find it impossible to lie all of the time, one of the reasons that I am in good standing with many people.

Again, I am truthfully sorry for blogging so late and I hope you can give me points for my effort.

1:12 PM  
Blogger TylerM4 said...

I have never been falsely accused of anything before but I never give anybody reason to accuse me of anything. People seek revenge on others because they feel that they will feel better about what happened if they get back at the person that caused them misery. I have lied to protect myself several times because i was afraid that if i didn't lie there would be repercussions for the actions that I had actually commited. I have also twisted the truth to get what wanted because if I told the truth I feared that I would not be able to do what i wanted or get what i wanted. I have only been caught lieing once and it was not that big of a deal so I was luckily let off the hook.

1:39 PM  
Blogger T J W 5 said...

I have been accused of many things in my day. I am the oldest so when something goes wrong the finger gets pointed at me. I have been in situations where I have lied to protect myself. Everybody does it we are never toatlly honest with eachother. I have lied to protect my friends its what comes with the job you got to get your friends back. If you have a friend that doesn't have your back that blows.

12:01 AM  

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