Friday, April 06, 2007

Your Aspirations

Please respond to the following questions:

1) What are your dreams, hopes, or aspirations? What do you long for?
2) What will it take to get there?
3) What happens if you don't achieve them or get what you desire?


Blogger JamesE. said...

I guess what I long for is to get through school including college, get my dream job, and be very successful, also having a good relationship with my family. And maybe some day win the lottery. That would be cool because I would like my family to never have to worry about money again. I'm pretty sure that winning the lottery is everyone's American dream. I assume it will take a long time to get through schooling and completing a lot of assignments. It will take hard work and a lot of persistence and determination. I will try my hardest to get there and if I don't it was fun trying. I wouldn't necessarily give up but I would try again to make it happen.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Kristie W said...

My dreams and aspirations are just to finish college and have a good job that I enjoy doing. I have no idea right now what I want to study in college or what I want to be, but I hope I will someday know what that is and be happy doing it. I also hope that I am in a good relationship with someone I love and that I have a good family to live with. Another dream is to stay fit by being active. In order to get there, I know it is going to be hard, however, I will have to do my best in college and just have fun doing what I do. If I don't achieve my dreams then I would try to get close to them.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Eddie W. said...

I really do not know what I long for. Right now I am just focusing on preparing myself for the future. Going to college and becoming something I like to do. Right now I do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm looking into the medical field but I'm not for sure yet. Overall, I hope to be financially set with my family and being happy is most important.
Knowledge is what will get me to where I want to be. Without knowledge, nobody can get anywhere. Once I get sufficient knowledge for my dreams and hopes, I will probably rely on luck. Sucess= Preparation+Luck.
If I do not achieve what I desire, by then I will probably have several alternative plans. Being happy can be fulfilled in so many different ways and not just one way will get you there.

1:55 PM  
Blogger jaimeL said...

I hope i can find out who I really am, become a success in life, be truly happy in my decisisions and still have people who really care. I don't know exactly how to achieve these except to just not let others decide things for me and to not let people drift away. I also need to figure out a plan for college to become a success. If I don't achieve these then I will keep trying, even if it means taking different ways to get there.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Kyle B. said...

I want something great to happen. I want to be astounded by some action or event and I want to be able to recognize it for what it is. That's a dream of mine; to live through something that inspires me into doing something that I love. I'd like to get through college and have a reasonably good time (not to mention lots of learning). Traveling the world has crossed my mind as a possibility, but I don't see any probability in doing so. I want success in my life. Not necessarily money wise, but I want there to be a sense of accomplishment in my life, whether is be with family, a career, or worldly activity. I have no idea how long that will take. The way I see it, it will come when I need it to and I can't affect its arrival time. Something determines everything, and I am going to rely on that something to dictate not only when my success happens, but what form that success takes. So it is not a question of whether or not I do what I am going to do, it is a question of when. I don't plan on not achieving my something.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Milenda N. said...

I really do agree with what eddie was saying. But mines is a little different than his.
My dreams are not only to fulfill my own but also to fulfill my family's dreams for me. Of course the main thing would be for me to graduate highschool and college. My aspiration is to be an international flight attendant. I would like to have a job that I enjoy doing and also be successful doing it. But most of all I want to have a great life like everybody else and be happy in whatever choice I make. My hopes are to do best in everything I do and to never loose hope and to never give up, no matter how hard it hits me. I also hope to enjoy life having no regrets and being able to live life to the fullest. I hope to help my family from the philippines who are in need of help.
To get there i just need to keep working hard and graduate to be able to get a good job and help my family.
If I dont get what I desire then I will move on and have other plans to choose from. Because I do believe that you can be happy in many different things not just one.

9:03 PM  
Blogger emilied said...

The dreams I have for myself are to ultimitly just be happy. Everything else will follow. I believe the only thing worth living for is true happiness.
To get there it will take an optimistic point of view and people who you love and support you. I don't believe that you can end up failing completly at this. You just need to discover your wants and needs in order to be a success.

9:54 AM  
Blogger jjuneau2 said...

My dream is to become successful in life. Not only to have a job that I love but also to have a family that deeply cares for me. I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud of what I have accomplished, even if it is just being a good person. I will do everything it takes to get there and right now that is finishing school and going to a good college. Hopefully after that the doors will open and my dreams of success will come true. I try not to think of what will happen if I don’t reach my goals, however I feel that I am the kind of person who wouldn’t just let my dreams die.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Lauren M said...

Those questions are so hard to answer right now. I am only 17 years old, still in high school, and have some ideas of what I want, but then again, does anyone ever really figure it out? The obvious dreams of mine are to graduate High School, go to college, major in Physical Therapy, etc. but my long term dreams of not only myself, but this WORLD are so much more complex and hard to define. I can't even put some of my dreams into words, like "world peace", or the end to judgement; these things that I long for are so far fetched, but I never give up. I know that these things may not ever come true. But that's ok; I never stop dreaming or longing for it all, for that's what completes my drive and motivation in life.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Sarah E. said...

These questions are truly hard to answer right now. I know I want to sing for a carrer. It is something I have dreamed about and worked for my whole life. It is going to take allot of hard work and flexibility to reach my goal. I believe you should take each day for its own because the future has enough worries of its own. If you live each day like it is your last you can achieve whatever you want. So basically I want to reach for my goals with all my strength and heart. It’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all right? I don’t think you can truly fail if you have done your best for what you want. You just have to take the risk to have the chance to get what you want in life.

1:50 PM  
Blogger kellyw said...

My dream and goal in life is to be successful. I want to have a good job and live in a nice house and be happy with my life. To achieve this dream I will have to do well in school, figure out what I want to major in, and keep in touch with my friends and family. If this dream doesn’t come true the way I want it to then I will try to make things better and work harder in achieving the goal.

3:28 PM  
Blogger JamesL said...

After I get through collage I hope to become a sucessful business man and eventually create my own sucessful corporation. I will own and run this corporation that will consit of finance, accountants and stock brokers bringing in the cash. To achieve this goal I will have to start in and internship where I will work for other people. When I get to the point where I have more experience I will move on to creating my own smaller company where I will have to work hard. This small company will eventually turn into a large company which I will own and manage. This is my all time goal but if I cant achieve my goal I will try to make as much money as I can and work for other people my whole life. Personally I dont like working for other people but realize this is where I will have to start if I ever want to become as huge sucess.

6:01 PM  
Blogger BrittanyK said...

My hopes and aspirations are to be happy successful and true to my beliefs and morals as a person. I long for the ability to get up and change, not fearing the future but just being excited for opportunities and the sea of them available to me. It will take courage and patience to get to my hopes and aspirations you cant change your life in a day, but you can make small changes to reform a little part of you ultimate goal small bits at a time. If you don’t achieve your goal, I don’t think that you should give up, I think it is a chance to revise your goal and have something else to look forward to or to work for, cause if you really think about it every thing in life is to an ultimate goal and when achieved you immediately set your hopes or prepare yourself for a new goal.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Charlie H said...

My ultimate dream is to be a professional baseball player. First I want to go to a good college and get a good education because if I don't make it in baseball I want to be smart. I am very interested in business and would want my job to be with a business. I love the idea of being a business man. First, to get to be a pro ballplayer it will be very difficult, I will have to work really hard every day and keep working all the time. Getting to the pro level is one of the most difficult things to do. To be a business man I feel I need to get a good education and the rest will take care of itself. If I don't get to either of those things I don't know what I will do with myself. Hopefully there will be something else in college that sparks my interest and I can go that route. I feel that if I am so interested in the business world now, I will be fine in college and I will hopefully be successful!

7:57 PM  
Blogger BrianR said...

I long for is to find get through school so I can move on to something hopefully more interesting, without giving up any morals, or at least come up with some million dollar idea. To get through school It'll probably take the next few years of my life and then depending on if I want to keep going in a medical field a few more years, but the for the million dollar idea I'd just have to think about what would everyone want and or need. If I don't get through college and end up in a medical profession, which I don't even know if I really want it, I hope I'll be able to find something else to do and know I tried.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Shane-G said...

My Dreams and hopes are that i make a comfortable living and have a good healthy life, succesfull job and a family one day. I believe that it will take alot of time and effort to get there but i believe it would be worth it all. If i am not as succesfull as i desire i will keep trying a make the best out of what i have accomplished.

9:14 PM  
Blogger DerrikO said...

I want to just be successful enough to live well with no worries and support a family, and enjoy life before that. To get there i think i will just have to go to school get a good education get a good job, maybe catch a few lucky breaks, and be smart with my money. Im not sure what would happen if i didn't get there i guess i would just keep trying to get there?

9:36 PM  
Blogger tylee r. said...

As of right not my hopes are to succeed in college. But it's the stress of doing well on SAT's and ACT's, then choosing the right college for what you think you want to do in life. But apparently the average person changes careers seven times. I just want to choose the right career the first time so it doesn't seem like I'm wasting my time. I want to have a successful restaurant with my best friend, Kelcey. In life I long for understanding; I want peace for all. I don't like when I or anyone else is sad, I just want all the problems in the world to be fixed. To be successful, you have to work at what you want and i mean extremely hard. Nothing comes easy. And if in the end you do succeed, you can look back on how you got there and be even more proud of yourself and feel like the struggle was worth it. I will always have a "Plan B". I won't give up on something I am truely passionate about, but if I need to take a different way to get there, that alwasy needs to be an option. I just want the best for myself, and I'll try my best to do so.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Sarah E. said...

These questions are truly hard to answer right now. I know I want to sing for a carrer. It is something I have dreamed about and worked for my whole life. It is going to take allot of hard work and flexibility to reach my goal. I believe you should take each day for its own because the future has enough worries of its own. If you live each day like it is your last you can achieve whatever you want. So basically I want to reach for my goals with all my strength and heart. It’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all right? I don’t think you can truly fail if you have done your best for what you want. You just have to take the risk to have the chance to get what you want in life.

10:50 PM  
Blogger tuckerk2 said...

Though there are many possibilities as to what I may become in the future, I have certain aspirations to which I hope to achieve. First and foremost, I wish to be financially successful so that I may support my loved ones and be able to afford luxuries that may make them happy as well for I have found that the best way for me to find happiness is for those around be to be filled with it as well. This would also allow me to retire in a plush lifestyle and not have to worry myself about money. Secondly, I hope to be surrounded by caring friends and a loving family for the entirety of my life. I want people to be there for me and support my actions, as I would theirs. I wish to enjoy the company of such people and always have someone to talk to. Finally, I wish to be proud of the life that I have made for myself. Though I know it is impossible to live without any regrets, it is very important to me that I will be able to look back upon my path of life and know it was the right one for me.
These dreams could be very difficult to achieve without a great deal of work and perseverance so I intend on working diligently in my studies to gain acceptance into a highly respectable college and continue doing so there so I may graduate already on my way to success. As for the social aspect of my dream, I must remain true to myself and rely some on luck that I may come across such people previously mentioned and I will again work hard to keep them happy with me too for all relationships require effort. Finally, to achieve the final aspect of my dream, I must always be thinking about my actions while I am making them and consciously steer myself in the right direction at all times.
If I find myself not achieving my goals I have set out for myself, I will first attempt to get back on track but if this comes to no avail, I consider myself flexible enough to adapt my goals into something still attainable and still desirable. I am also realistic enough to know that you can’t get everything you want so if minor details of my dreams go amiss, I will not let it break down my entire dream. Not matter what my life turns out to be, I intend on doing everything in my power to ensure my happiness in whatever form it may come in.
(Sorry this was so long)

11:46 PM  
Blogger kelcey ryan said...

My dream is to be a chef and to have my own restaurant, i also want to do well in school ad on the ACT/SAT so that I get into college, but before I go to culinary school I want to get a business degree and got to a 4 year school. I will have to go to cooking school and opening a resaurant will take a lot of time and money, but it is what I want to do. If I dont become a chef or if my restuarant fails I will have my business degree and the four years of schooling prior to cooking school to back me up.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Alex S said...

In life all I really ask is that I'm happy. I'd like for the people around me to be just as happy as I am and that's all I would need. Money isn't very much of an issue. I'd rather do something I enjoy than something that pays well, both is of course a good option. There's no real process to get there it's just something that'll hopefully happen over time. College is next on the list of things to, however, it isn't really a "must have" to be happy. If I were not to achieve ultimate happiness, basically I would be sad. It's kind of a win or lose situation, not very much of a gray area.

6:56 AM  
Blogger mgjohnson said...

My current dreams involve going to a division 1 college on a scholarship. I hope to learn to manage money and become more responsible during college and that will hopefully prepare me for the real world. If I don't continue football after college I hope to become a successful business man. Getting there will take hard work and determination. I will need to set high goals and not let distractions stop me. If I don't achieve my goals I will need to continue to work hard and look for good opportunities that present themself.

9:05 AM  
Blogger T J W 5 said...

Hey compilish my goals in life are simple. I don't care what my job is, as long as I can provide for my beautiful spanish wife and our children. I would like to become a pro snowboarder, but things would have to go right for that to happen. I would like to be a coach at a summercamp in organ for a summer or two. For me to be successful in life I have to have fun. I think that you can live more in 50 yrs that many people live in 100 yrs. I think that if people look up to you and see a good person you are successful regardless what your bank account says.(or the "cool kids"). "Life isn't about how many breaths you take, its about how many moments take your breath away." My top three goals are: backpack Europe, skydive, and go streaking when it will be really really funny.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

My dreams are huge. Eyes closed; my dreams are of perfection. They are just dreams, and not necessarily what I really want, but they are what I wish for at that moment. My hopes and aspirations however can be formed by my dreams. They are what I really want. What I need, almost. I aspire to be wonder woman in a sense. I truly care most about saving the world, and why shouldn't I be? I do not aspire to be a straight A student, prom queen, CEO, or award winning mathematician. No, I hope to be "the change in which I wish to see in the world." If I am recognized, I hope it is for ending world hunger, repairing the ozone, or persuading someone that peace is better than war. It will take all my heart to get me there and some other hearts as well. It will take support and little distraction. I will have to stay focused, and not let petty interruptions like dates and clothes and cars take me away from my work. I have set my hopes vaguely for a reason. I aspire to change the world, and if I work a little bit on that every day, I can't fail. I will get what I desire so easily.

5:14 PM  

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