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Success and Happiness

Please answer the following prompts- make sure you comment on at least one other person's response in your own refelction: (Make sure you show depth of thought and please edit!)

What is true happiness? What do you need to be happy? What defines success?

End your response by filling in this statement-Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if....


Blogger JamesE. said...

True happiness is being with the people you care about. Nothing is stronger than love. I do believe that money buys happiness due to the fact that if you use your money on other people you feel much better. What makes me happy is knowing that the people around me are happy with me. I like knowing that everything is ok. What true happiness for me is to be remembered as someone important, like no one could live without me. To know your wanted and loved and to know that people would miss you if you’re gone. What defines success for me is doing all the fun things I want to do and be a success in other people's eyes. I want to do some major accomplishments to be remembered. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I get to where I want to be in life and challenge myself every step of the way.

1:42 PM  
Blogger tuckerk2 said...

I agree with James in that true happiness is being with those you care about but I believe it requires more than that. I believe that to be truly happy, you must also be in a comfortable environment where you have no fears or worries and you must be sharing a connection with these loved ones. Whether this be defined as telling jokes, playing a game or a connection in a more romantic sense, there must be a strong psychological link between the two or more people. I understand that money is beneficial to becoming wealthy; however, I am also able to recognize that it is not at all necessary to achieving true happiness. Some of my fondest memories merely entail spending time with my closest friends at a park or in a basement.
I personally consider there to be many different levels of success. First there is financial success in which you are able to afford both all of your necessities like food, water and shelter, but also many luxuries such as a nice car, fashionable clothes and still enough left over to support whatever hobbies you may be interested in. Beyond this is not only finding success but exceeding these qualifications in which you can afford any luxury that you or your family can desire. This level is much more difficult to obtain and often come at some trade off with the time you have available to spend with your loved ones. Finally there is a different type of success all together, accomplishment of your life goals. Many of the greatest successes never truly grew to be rich, but rather have achieved the dreams they had set forth for themselves their entire lives. This could entail becoming a marine and defending you country, becoming a scientist and making advancements that will benefit millions or volunteering to those in need being rewarded with smiles and heart-felt “thank you’s”. To these people, success comes with accomplishment which in turn leads to their true happiness. But for me, ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I find myself in the company of close friends and well on my way to achieving my own personal goals of success.

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Blogger T J W 5 said...

True happiness is when all of your things will be taken away and you will still be happy. I am truly happy when I do what I want. I try to live my life by the principles of Carpe Diem. So whenever I get after life I am having a good day. I will be a success if I get remembered as the kid who rocked to his own beat. I don't really care what people think of me. For me to feel like my life ment something I will have to do a number of things: backpack Europe, skydive, run a marathon, snowboard a lot, raise a good famly, and go streaking when it will be really really funny. I guess all in all if I am my own person I will be a success in my own eyes.

3:02 PM  
Blogger brittanykn said...

I agree with both Tucker and James I believe the key to true happiness is also to be with the ones you love, but with that I believe that you need to be happy and loyal within yourself I don’t believe a person who does not love themselves is capable of love for others but I do believe that if you can accomplish self happiness and love, like both Tucker and James said you will be happy.
But I also think that the one thing you need to be happy is a supportive environment, there is happiness in everything and beauty in it so what do you NEED to be happy, the right attitude! You have to look at life in an optimistic tone, the feeling that you have self worth and can contribute to society and help others. I can’t name a better feeling than giving a gift to a small child who has nothing; the key to happiness is through the heart. The ability to give and receive weather it be giving love in a gift or in the word. So ultimately I believe that Love is the necessity to happiness.

3:22 PM  
Blogger jjuneau2 said...

True happiness is being in the state where you are completely content and need nothing else. Where everything in your life is in perfect harmony and you feel as if you have reached paradise. I agree with James in that money can but happiness. Being a part of the materialistic society that we live in today I believe this to be truer than ever. Today people want nothing more than to be filthy rich, live in a huge houses and live “the good life” and I truly believe that money can get you there. Now I am not saying that money is the key to all happiness, but I am saying that growing up in today’s society I don’t think I could go to an isolated island just with those who I love and be completely content. Success is a direct reflection of how much money one has, the more money the more successful. This, however only works with earned money, inherited money doesn’t count only the money one makes. Take for example a garbage man vs. a doctor the doctor will be considered more successful one because they make more money and two because they had to receive an excellent education to be in this position.

4:40 PM  
Blogger kellyw said...

I believe that true happiness is something that everyone wants to achieve. I believe that having friends who you love and doing things that you love doing is essential to achieving true happiness. I agree with Brittany when she says that love is necessary in life to be happy. Whether it’s playing a sport or helping others, or just hanging out with your friends and enjoying life. I agree with James when he says that money is needed in order to reach true happiness. Today’s society is based on money. I mean you can’t even enjoy a good movie without paying $10 for it. I will admit that I am a materialistic girl and I love shopping, so money is something I need to be happy. And in order to make money I will have to be successful in what I do. I will need a good education and work hard. Making a lot of money and being hard working defines success. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I am making a lot of money, love what I am doing, and still have time to hang out with my friends and family.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Sarah E. said...

I agree with Brittany and Jamese you need love to have true happiness. Live Love and Laugh. Thats what you need to live life to the fullest. You need to strive for your deepest dreams and try your hardest to have no regrets. You need to believe and love on yourself or else you will never allow yourself to go anywhere. You need to love with all your heart. It is our human nature to love. Love is simple kind and brings you...there is no word to describe what it brings you. You cannot live without it so why not live it all out(again going with no regrets). In my opinion one of the best gifts god gave us is laughter. Who can say they dont like a good joke or laughing so hard you swear you have a six pack and cant breath anylonger? If you have a sence of humor your life will run much smoother and be much more fun! To be trully happy you need to be content, with yourself and with knowing there are some things that will never be awnsered the way we want or at all. Thats where faith comes in. Being sure of what you hope for and certian of what you do not see. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and all you have to do is slugg it into the crowd and have a blast doing it. To be happy to know inside yourself you are happy. You are the one who defines your happiness. You can make it or break it. When I was little I made a list of things I wanted to do before I die. things all the way from my first kiss to being in a cloud( which I got to do this summer in canada while I was hiking on one of the highest mountians there. I even took a picture).Life is good so why not take it to its full advantage and being your unique happiness out. I try to.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Kristie W said...

I think that Tj brought up a good point on "true" happiness, it is when even when everything is taken away from you, that you are still happy. I think that is an awesome way to look at happiness and it is so Tj; however, I don't think many people could live their lifes like this. True happiness is having everyting you hoped and dreamed for. Of course to get everything you want to be happy, you have to work hard for it. Such as making it through college or getting a good job. I think that success is a major part of being happy, because knowing I was a failure would not make me happy. Success and happiness come hand in hand. Also, I would have to agree with James in that true happiness is being with the people you love and care about. When you surround yourself with people that like you for you, and don't really care if you are successfull or not, you feel happy and wanted like your life has meaning. However, ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I am happy, I have a good job, make a decent amount of money (has desperate as that sounds), and most importantly if I have lots of friends and family that I love and have good relationships with.

7:43 AM  
Blogger kelcey ryan said...

I think that true happiness comes when a person can accept who they are and where they come from. Happiness is being with family and friends and people that improve the quality of life. I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have my family and friends to support me and comfort me when I am in need. I don't think that it is possible to eliminate every stressful thing from life but I do feel that the less stress put on a person the happier they can be. When I am under a lot of stress I try and think why I am letting something get in the way of my happiness and I generally try to eleminate it or worry less about it. Living life brings me true happiness, if I can wake up and say "hey, I'm still kickin'" I can have a happy day. Success is different for every person, but for me it is being content with what I do. If I do my best on a test and I get a B I still consider it a success. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I have a restaurant and a husband and have tried my hardest at all that I do. I want to have volunteered in Africa somewhere and helped people in some way. I also want to be making some money from my restaurant.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Lauren M said...

I completely agree with TJ. I think that our country, and world for that matter, has become so technologically advanced and materialistic that we dont realize the many perks in life that we have started to take for granted. Love is one thing. Now, I am not saying that technology is bad, because I do NOT believe that at all, but people have lost previous realization that the generations before us survived without cell phones, mp3 players, and direct TV. TJ said that true happiness is when one can have all of their "things" taken away from them, and still be happy. For me, if all of my things were taken from me, sure, I would be struggling, there is no doubt about that. However, I would quickly realize that materials can never buy me succes or happiness like love and pride can. If I am proud with what I have accomplished in my life (giving, not recieving, graduating, getting a career I love, staying in touch with old old friends) I will be completely satisfied. In ten years, I will consider my life a success if I have met my goals to give, love, obtain a career I love, volunteer, and to be friendly.

2:39 PM  
Blogger tylee r. said...

I believe true happiness is different for every person. I couldn't live happily without my friends or family; I don't think anyone can. Like Jade said, responding to James, in the world we live in today, money sadly has a huge part in ones happiness. If you don't measure up to the next person as highly as you want, you can become more insecure and unsure of where you stand. I feel like all I need to be happy are my friends/family, my boyfriend, and as little stress as possible. If I keep up with my school work and study for the ACT's and SAT's I will be fine. In life, as long as I have determination to succeed and a little competition I'll be set. Success can be achieving a goal you set, whether it was big or small. Success can also be having a lot of money, but I feel that being successful you need to be happy, or proud of yourself for getting through this difficult life. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I have a husband and a successful restaurant. I want to be making money from my restaurant and have the people I love around me and supporting my business. :]

4:45 PM  
Blogger Leigh J said...

True happiness is not needing escapism of any form. Drugs, loud music, TV, a good talk, a deep sigh... they can't make this feeling any better. It's when you can't whipe the smile off your face because you don't realize how big and goofy it is. As humans we are nothing but water and light. When someone asks where you are from, saying the name of a town or describing your race is completely political. Instead, you are simply light. Success is looking to others with your light with appreciation. It's seeing them as doing the best they can with the light they’ve got. Then maybe toss out a smile. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if, like James, I have challenged myself along the way. I agree with the overused phrase that success is not a destination, it's a journey. I will never be satisfied if there is still work to be done, but I'll be successful knowing that I'm still working to make a difference, even as the little light that I am.

6:42 PM  
Blogger emilied said...

True happiness is doing something you love and being surrounded by people that you love. Only having people to pull you up when you need it instead of always pulling you down. To be happy I need loved one and people that are positive, also a job that I would love doing. Happiness defines success because no matter how much money someone has they could never truly be happy. Sure that may have success in their mind but true success is being happy and having love in your life. Like Tj and Kristie said true happiness is what always matters in the end. When something is taken away you should still be happy. Material things shouldn't be in that catagorie. Ten years from now I consider myself a major success if I'm with someone I love and have my family close. Also having a job that I enjoy going to everyday.

7:16 PM  
Blogger DerrikO said...

I agree with james in that true happiness is being with those you care about. I just like being around my friends and I think that is true for everyone.I strongly believe that all you need to be happy, is friendship. No matter what I just want my friends to know I'm always there for them no matter what. No matter how rough the times get good friends can always help you get through anything. I know you also need money to be happy, but you don't need to be a billionare to be happy. My definition of success is being happy with what you have acomplished, and where you are going in your life, no matter what you do. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I have a solid job, good friends, good relationships, and am about ready to start or support a family.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Milenda N. said...

I will start off by saying that happinness can be defined in many different ways depending on what kind of person you are. Happiness can be many things like finding true love, dreams that are finally coming true, and long lasting relationships, I mean it can be anything. But I think that true happiness is something that each one of us want but not that many of us get it. I think true happiness is waking up each morning loving life, just being thankful to live another day because everyday is not promised. And just being able to spend so much time with the people you care about and love. Knowing that there will be nothing that can stop you from being happy. I dont believe that money can buy happiness because our happiness doesn't always come with a price tag.
I agree with tylee because I know for a fact that I coudn't be able to live happily without my family and my closest friends. They are basically the ones who give me happiness and without them I woudn't be able to define happiness. They are always there to love me, to support me in everything that I do, they care about me so much and they believe in me and without that I dont know how I could be happy. I think success is being the best at what you do and being proud of yourself. It is also wealth and being very happy at where you stand at that point. I also think that when your successful its easy to be content with your life. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I become a International Flight Attendant, have a happy family, have a husband and travel around the world. Life is too short that I want to enjoy every single moment that I have and discover something that will give me true happinness while I am still here on earth.

8:55 PM  
Blogger BrianR said...

I think that true happiness is something that you would fight for no matter what the cost. Because wasn’t it our founding fathers that fought a war of independence for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Or anything that was done rebelliously was to make people feel better about themselves or a situation in order to make them happy. But I also liked TJ’s answer about if everything was taken away and finding out that you are really happy and that you don’t need all of the materialistic junk being an illusion of happiness, which becomes our own shallow happiness that society has given us. To be happy all I really need are my friends and family because without them I think I would be missing something extremely important in my life. Success for me is to find something that I enjoy doing that would help people, because that would also make me some what happy and for me being happy is being successful. Ten year from now, I will consider myself a success if I have helped the people I could that needed my help or at least tried to.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Kara B said...

I also agree with Brittany on the fact that Love is the key to happiness. Along with achievement, with as much competiton that goes on in the world. It is a born instinct to achieve great things in this world of competition. So ultimatly if you set your goals high and reach for the sky, as long as you are willing to work for it. Great things do not come to those who dont work for them, and love is what is going to keep you going, because love is going to give you the motivation to not give up and strive for your dream. Now I am not talking about just love between a man and a woman, the love and passion for something you like to do (draw, write, play sports etc.) Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I am living an eventfull life, have a passion and love for something and if I am helping others.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Alex S said...

I think, along with Rohde, that true happiness is something that you need to fight for. He brings up good ideas with our founding fathers and their struggle for the pursuit of happiness. To be happy I think you need to know what is available to you, and you're ok with that. If you're always needing more and more you won't be happy, just live with the cards you're dealt. Success is along the same lines, except dealing with more professional than a personal life. If you can look back at your life and say I did what I could, then you were a success. Ten years from now I will consider myself a success if I'm still alive to tell the tale, and there is something in that tale that is interesting.

6:45 AM  
Blogger jaimeL said...

I agree with Brittany, I believe that true happiness is about being surrounded by loved ones and also being true to yourself. Its about doing what you really want to do in life. Success is defined as doing something that makes you truly happy and trying your hardest at something, even if you fail. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success if I am doing something I really like and if I have true friends still with me along the way.

5:54 PM  
Blogger JamesL said...

True happiness is when you feel good about who you are as a person. When you are happy you don't want anymore than you already have. Happiness can lead to sucess and sucess can lead to happiness in a person's life. Some people are happy with what they got and others are not. I feel that to be happy a person needs to have an even balance of companionship and money. A person should have an even balance of both. True happiness is shared with the people who are your friends and family. If I woke up the next day with no friends or family I would never be happy ever again. I feel that the insitution of education has put a lot of pressure on the youth to be successful which leads to money which leads to happiness. In ten years I will be a success when I manage and own a large business to support my future family.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Kyle B. said...

I agree with Kara. To have true happiness is to reach some sort of goal. If it be to rule the world even if you are a white rat stuck in a cage with an idiot, when that rat reachs his goal, he will have reached happiness. My goals don't follow along the line of world domination, or even monetary values, but I do hope to eventually strive to reach an end. I think love is important, but not necessarily the most important. Love brings to light other aspirations that one may strive to reach. For me to reach true happiness, I need to be doing something I love, I need to have a family, and, above all, I need to recognize that I am happy. Self-realization has seemed to fuel decisions of mine in the past and I intend for them to continue to stoke the flames for a while to come. Money is only seen as the source of happiness because, in this world, it is the general consensus that money is everything. Countries are run on and steered by money, but money is rarely considered when one is smitten with love. I think of a kid looking in the window of a shop at a big red bike that he has always wanted. We need to make more decisions like that because, when we see that bike, we can't see the price tag or the quality of the manufacturer. We see ourselves riding down the street with all our friends, having a ball. Ten years from now, I will consider myself a success when I feel that there is no more need for improvement.

7:33 PM  

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